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198,000BR --- (Amilius lived in Atlantis) Years before the entry of the Ram into India (364-3)

50,722BC----Gathering of the Nations for destruction of enormous animals that once roamed the earth (262-39)

28,000BC----The second period of disturbance (Atlantis Spiritual disturbance) (470-22)

22,006BC----Flood Noah's Ark (in the second of the eruptions)-(364-6)

17,450BC----First destruction of Atlantis 7,500 years before final destruction (364-11)

11,016BC----Arararat became ruler at age 16. Second of northern Kings (Egypt) (341-9)

10,900BC----Possible Comet hitting Hudson Bay.Great Lakes and the Carolina’ (Lawrence Berkeley of the National Laboratory of California reported)

10,800BC---- Start of the Younger Dryas Period - a drop in temperature in the Northern Hemisphere. (Columbia University)

10,700BC----In Atlantis ability to use nature was being lost. Hunger and the need for housing was being needed. lemuria begins disappearing (364-4)

10,600BC----Iltar, from Atlantis, goes to the Yucatan. (5750-1)

10,506BC----Battle in Egypt (900-275)

10,500BC----AI-SI with priest RA-TA exiled to Libya (275-33)

10,500BC----Records sealed- Hept-Supht, Ra-Ta, and Isi-so (Egypt) (378-16

10,490BC----Hermes and RA begin GIZEH (Gizeh has prophecies and information built into it that will also be found in the Hall of Records. (Egypt)(5748-6)

10,390BC----Great Pyramid finished (Egypt)(5748-6)

10,300BC----Apex establishing Library in Alexandria Egypt (315-4)

9,900BC---- (final destruction of Atlantis) Not by their fault was the catastrophe brought (288-1)

9,600BC----End of Younger Dryas period.(University Columbia)

1,497BC----Moses Birth (as researched by myself-this could have a 5 year variation)

1,377BC----Moses Death (Bible said he lived 120 years) Deuteronomy 34 verse 7