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Daniel Bierman standing on the steps of the Monk Mound located in Cahokia Il.                            Daniel at Cahokia Mounds in Cahokia, Ill. Mary standing in front of the Mask location on the right hand side of the Maya Runin of Lamanai in Belize   

Mary Bierman at the Lamanai Ruins in Belize                                    

 Carved Jade Head of the Maya Sun God found in 1968
by David Pendergast at Altun Ha Ruins in Belize          Carved Jade Head of the Maya Sun God Found at the Maya Ruins at Altun Ha in Belize

In the Edgar Cayce Readings sometimes dates where given so time in history was able to be tracked. We will be interested in the time period of about 11016BC to around 9600BC. In the Readings there where changes being made all over the Atlantic ocean region. Before we get into the Readings lets look at what the modern scientist say about this time period.

 This is where the Readings and Modern scientist seem to agree.

The Readings  suggest that the Atlantians had a massive power source. Around 11000BC a major earth change started that modern scientist called the Younger Dryas period. This disturbed the earth to such a degree that land changes started all over the Atlantic region. Taking about a 1,000 years to complete. The change was gradual and the story of the Time Capsules take place during this period of time.

In looking back at the geological history of the planet an amazing thing is noted. There is a time in geological history that corresponds with the information in the Readings. This period of history is called the Younger Dryas period. which lasted from 11,000BC to 9,600BC. So this period of history was the last destruction of what was left of Atlantis.                            My Granddaughter Jenny at the Sphinx in Dec. 2005                This is Jenny, my granddaughter standing in front of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is one the mysteries of the world. According to the Readings it plays a major role in understanding the location of the Hall of Records that's talked about in the Readings. We will discuss the Sphinx in detail later. 

  In the Readings there is a story of a group of people in Egypt that started around 11,000BC and going beyond the building of the Great Pyramid. In this story is information on the building of the pyramids and the placement of the time capsules close to the Sphinx.

  Below is a diagram of the people in this amazing story from the Readings. This story is pieced together from many different Life Readings that was given through Edgar Cayce.The Egyptian connection to who was responsible for building the Giza Pyramids


This time period is important because this is the time that Atlantis was sinking and the people of Atlantis wanted to save the technology of there time for the people of the future. However, since they had in the past misused their own power they didn't want future generations to do the same.

  The Atlantians at that time of history had a very good understanding of Man and the Planets. They also understood how man could again misuse the knowledge they would be leaving behind. So they put their knowledge in Time Capsules and placed them in strategic places on the planet. They placed them in a way that they couldn't be found until man had reached an understanding that would allow them to uncover them but more importantly during a time when this information would be used for the betterment of mankind.

   The Readings gave information, that now we could assume, that the time of uncovering the time capsules is close. The Readings gave use some very good clues to the possible locations of these time capsules. There's one thing one must understand about the information from the readings. That is, they will not give us all the information to find the time capsules in the readings. They will give us part of the information in the readings and the rest of the information they will give us from within. 

 The information from within you, you will have to get yourself. However, we will now give the information in the readings and discuss them. 

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All the readings where numbered. First the person having the reading was given a number so the readings could be used and the privacy of the individuals would not be compromised. The second group of numbers was the number of the reading that the individual had. Most people had more than one reading. The third number represents a section of the reading.

 When ever you see the reading numbers it's showing that this information is an exact copy of the information in the readings . So from here we will discuss the readings that give information about the Time Capsules.

 In reading 378-16-11 Cayce was asked to (Q) Give in Detail what the sealed room contains.

(A) A record of Atlantis from the beginnings of those periods when the Spirit took form or began the encasements in that land, and the developments of the peoples throughout their sojourn, with the record of the first destruction and the changes that took place in the land, with the record of the SOJOURNINGS of the peoples to the varied activities in other lands, and a record of the meetings of the nations or lands for the activities in the destruction that became necessary with the final destruction of Atlantis and the buildings of the pyramid of initiation, with who, what, where, would come the opening of the records that are as copies from the sunken Atlantis; for with the change it must rise (the temple) again.

Below is a diagram of the major readings that pertain to the Time Capsules and or their location. This is my interpretation of what the readings are saying. Next we will print the readings and take a good look at them.

In Reading 364-9 Cayce says that information about the projections in Atlantis would be found in the Yucatan

A line graph showing the readings that mention the Atlantean Time Capsules and my interpretation of where the reading is indecating where they are located

Below are the readings, that appear in the diagram above, describe the location of the Time Capsules.


2012-1-13                            440-5-3                           5750-1-23                                   315-4

Cairo Egypt-1                     Yucatan-2                     Bimini-3                 Sargasso Sea 4                    Alexandria Egypt-5

                                                                                                                              1- Egypt

1- 440-5-3

And in the temple records that were in Egypt, where the entity later acted in cooperation with others in preserving the records that came from the land where these had been kept.

1- 2012-1

Another in the place of the records that leaded from the Sphinx to the hall of records, in the Egyptian land.

1- 5750-1

Also there will be the opening of the temple or hall of records in Egypt.



                                                                                                                             2- Yucatan

2- 440-5

Also the records that were carried to the what is now Yucatan in America where these stones (that they know so little about) are now-during the last few months being uncovered.

2- 2012-1

And another in the Aryan or Yucatan land where the temples there is overshadowing same.



                                                                                                                           3- Bimini Islands

3- 440-5-3

In the sunken portion of Atlantis, or Poseidon, where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered, under the slime of ages of sea water- near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida.

3- 2012-1-31

The one in the Atlantians land, that sank, which will rise and is rising again.

3-  5750-1-23

3- As given that temple was destroyed at the time there was the last destruction in Atlantis-- the temple by Iltar will rise again.



                                                                                                                         4- Sargasso Sea

4- 5750-1-23

Those records that were put into the heart of the Atlantians land may also be found there-that have been kept, for those that are of that group.



                                                                                                                          5- Alexandria Egypt

5- 315-4

And, as will be seen from those that may be found about Alexandria, the entity may be said to have been the first to begin the establishment of the library of knowledge in Alexandria; ten thousand three hundred before the prince entered Egypt for his initiation there. For, read ye, “He was crucified also in Egypt,”

Below are the complete readings as given through Edgar Cayce so you can research for yourself the meaning of these important readings.

First-- 2012-1-(30-31)

         30-We find the entity was as the leading influence for the considering of ways and means in which there would be the preserving of records, as well as ways, means and manners in which either the few or the numbers might be preserved from the destruction of the lands. 

        31- It would be well if this entity were to seek either of the three phases of the ways and means in which those records of the activities of individuals were preserved, the one in the Atlantians land, that sank, which will rise and is rising again; another in the place of the records that leaded from the Sphinx to the Hall of Records, in the Egyptian land; and another in the Aryan or Yucatan land, where the temple there is overshadowing same.


Second--440-5 (This is about Atlantians power stone)

As indicated, the records of the manners of construction of same are in three places in the earth, as it stands today; In the sunken portions of Atlantis, or Poseidon, where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered, under the slime of ages of sea water-near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida. And in the temple records that were in Egypt, where the entity later acted in cooperation with others in preserving the records that came from the land where these had been kept. Also the records that were carried to what is now Yucatan in America, where these stones (that they know about) are now-during the last few months - being uncovered.


Third-- 5750-1-23 (here I also include the question)

   (Q) In which pyramid or temple are records mentioned in the readings given through this channel on Atlantis, in April, 1932?

   (A) As given, that temple was destroyed at the time there was the last destruction in Atlantis. Yet, as time draws nigh when changes are to come about, there may be the opening of those three places where the records are one, to those that are the initiates in the knowledge of the One God: The temple by Iltar will then rise again. Also there will be the opening of the temple or Hall of Records in Egypt, and those records that were put into the heart of the Atlantean land may also be found there-that have been kept, for those that are of that group.

My Wife and I just returned from Egypt in September 2006. Below are pictures of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

Picture taken by a friend of are's from the airplane as we where landing in Cario, Egypt  Daniel Bierman standing in front of one of the Pyramids in Egypt The Sphinx Sept. 2006
The Great Pyramid,Isis pryamid, and the right paw of the Sphinx.This angle mentioned in the Edgar Cayce Readings was suppose to be in line to the lacation of the Hall of Records.

Mary in the picture to the right could be standing on top of the passageway that leads to the Hall of Records.

Mary Bierman standing in front of the Sphinx Sept. 2006  

Now we have the basic information and clues for Atlantis and the Time Capsules.

There is a new story about a Mayan man called Au Chac that could shed some light on Atlantis.

As written by Silvia Pinzon and Ray Auxillon. This story is part of their timeline. For their complete time line go to www.ambergriscaye.com click on History then click on Early History of Belize, Glyphs, Timeline and you can view their complete Timeline of the Mayan.

9064 B.C. ( 11,060 years ago)
Au Chac was tired. The trip across the water ( Gulf of Honduras today ) had been long and he had been sea sick. The twelve men in the dugout canoe were greeting friends along the shore of the small island ( Wild Cane Caye today). Several thatched roof huts were scattered around and the sand was covered in tiny pieces of broken pottery, where women had started a new life during their rituals by destroying the possessions of the old one. At least twelve canoes were tied up, much smaller than the one he had crossed the big water. On the mainland opposite he could see a row of seven hills and far off in the distance was the range of mountains were the men paddling the cargo dugout had said they lived.

It had been a long journey and he still had far to go to reach that fabled island of Cozumel to the north, which seemed like some myth. Au Chac had traveled far.

When he had been younger he had traveled the coast to a land in the far south, more than a year of traveling away, with huge mountains and volcanoes in the high country, huge cities like Tiahuanaco and Sacsahuaman had been built from immense blocks of mountain granite, each block as big as one thatched house found around here, but the people called Hauacan & Choumica who had lived near those city ruins in those far off mountains to the south today, did not know how those cities had been built. They spoke of tales passed down from father to son, of unknown ancestors who built them, living a thousand years earlier with many skills not available today. Some catastrophe had occurred cutting off the people of those olden times from their ancestral home on land in the middle of the sea which had been a hot land and turned suddenly cold when the angle of the sun in the sky had changed completely and the star charts had almost become useless as the sky had tilted. These myths and tales were still talked about and Au Chac did not know whether there was any truth in it, or not.

Those people in those far away southern cold high mountains did not have writing today, but he had been surprised to see that the traders of this cargo canoe from this hot lowland here, had some sort of script that they calculated with, on clay tablets. He remembered the argument he had concerning the calendar and timing of the year with the leader of the trade canoe. Some of the old keepers of the records back in the last mountain valleys across the water (Guatemala) spoke of a time in pre-history about the time of the beginning of this Mayan calendar when this area had been a very cold country with something called snow at certain times of the year. Then it had suddenly changed as had the stars in the sky and the weather had become very hot and the vegetation had changed. No one knew today if those old tales were true, but they sounded similar to the tales told in the mountains far to the south. Those were the stories handed down from generation to generation.

People just did things differently in different places, but the moon and the stars never changed as f are as he was concerned and wherever he had been, festivals and celebrations were timed to the night sky. He looked around him disgusted at this group. Most of them were drunk. They had been driving away the evil spirits by burning copal and drinking wine. Only the Nacon did not get drunk.

This drunken festival would continue until the month of Pop. He fervently hoped he would get a ride with someone returning to the highland villages across the small bay and up the river. (Golden Stream) He wanted to discuss his new calendar with the astrologers and wise men in those hills to see what they thought of the new way of counting the days of the year. It was the tenth Katun by his count. ( 9064 B.C.- 11,064 years ago ) He thought about his new name. It was the custom of people in towns and villages in this area, to find some citizen with the same last name as a traveler. They would assume that there must be some remote family linkage because of the same surname and give him food and shelter, this was the custom. He had chosen the name carefully, back across the bay in the mountains to the west.